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SI "Tobyl school - gymnasium" of the education Department of Kostanay region akimat
Accomplished by: Shalgimbekov Manash, 6 "V" grade
Research leader: Shushakova A. S.





Diploma and certificate

Not every student at ten years old has such research experience. Manash SHALGIMBEKOV has already been on several expeditions: he found the area where his family came from in the Naurzum region. This area is called “shalgyn”, which means “meadow”. His ancestors lived there, including Yerzhan Toltanuly, one of the first students of Ibrai Altynsarin. In the summer I went to the ALZHIR camp (Akmola camp for the wives of traitors to the Motherland (1938-1953). - Ed.), Where I had the opportunity to communicate with women who were once prisoners there. He visited the mausoleums of the famous biys Shokai and Zhazy, who gave the name to Kenesary-khan. After the expedition to the Altynsarin places, he studied the works of Ibrai in the original to make sure that the translation of the quotes of the Great Teacher was correct.

- All this eventually resulted in the scientific work “History of Kazakhstan: not myths, but reality. Unknown in the known ", with which I took part in the competition of scientific projects" Zerda ", - says Manash. - I won first place at the regional stage, then went to Shchuchye, where the XIV republican competition was held. From there he also brought the first place and the winner's certificate.

This year the fifth-grader expanded his work together with his scientific advisor Saniya Sharipova. Added and supplemented the chapters "The history of my family in the history of my country", "Sacred monuments of my land", "How we participate in the program" Rukhani zhagyru ". And again the first place in the regional competition. Now the republic is waiting in January.

An ordinary boy

Passion for robotics and programming helped Manash to create his own historical site neizvestnoe-v-izvestnom.kz, where he, with the help of programming teacher Abai Sibanbai from the STEP school, posted the results of research and biographies of his grandfathers - teacher Batyrkhan Shalgimbekov and war veteran Sapysh Salykov.

- So you will be a historian, a teacher, like your parents (dad and mom Manash, well-known teachers in the region Aibek and Kenzhegul Shalgimbekov)?

The answer to the question was unexpected:

- No, a football player, - Manash's eyes light up. - I go to a football club. When I won the competition for scientific papers, my coach Nikolai Sagaidak was the first to congratulate me on the phone. It was very nice. Together with the team, I have already visited different cities, played against the football clubs of Pavlodar and Nur-Sultan. This is a great school.

- You won't quit your scientific work?

- No, I won't. I have many plans. Now I want to apply the QR code technology on my website, create a three-dimensional museum of sacred places.

- What are your favorite subjects at school?

- Informatics, Kazakh language, art work, - Manash lists.

- And the story?

- Well, history, obviously, of course!


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