Historical monuments

Historical monuments


Zhazy Zhanuly (1790-1840) - biy, great-grandson of Karabaluan Aldiyarula. The mausoleum was built in the Altynsarin district of the Kostanay region.

Zhazy bi Zhanuly went down in history as an honorary citizen of the Russian Empire, a Cossack army foreman Yazy Yanov (Zhazy Zhanov). He was the main associate of Colonel Chingiz Valikhanov, Chokan's father. Khan Kenesary Kasymov himself listened to the voice of Zhazy bi.

At the personal request of the Governor-General of Siberia, Mikhail Speransky, Zhazy bi drew the border between Orenburg and Siberia on the basis of the ancient border kurgans of the time of Yesim (1598-1628), built by the ancestors of the Kazakhs.

Until now, there are traces of the postal road, drawn by Zhazy bi from the headquarters of Chokan Valikhanov to Omsk along the shortest path.

In the years 1820-1840, not a single, any significant Russian expedition to the Kazakh steppes was made without the accompaniment of Zhazy bi. Usually he accompanied expeditions at the head of a detachment of five hundred sabers, two hundred of which were represented by the Cossacks, and three hundred by the Kazakhs.

Zhazy bi fought for the integrity of the borders of his native land. He remained in the memory of the people as an outstanding expert in oral folk philosophy, history, folk knowledge of geography of Kazakhstan.

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