Sacred objects of Kazakhstan

Sacred objects of Kazakhstan



The history of the mausoleum began in 1947, when the corresponding decree was issued. Then it was proposed to improve the burial place. 70 years have passed since then, today there is a 15-meter white memorial complex. It is worth noting that in a seventy-year period in 1960, a large monument dedicated to the 120th anniversary of I. Altynsarin was erected at the burial place of the great Kazakh enlightener. After 30 years, a red brick mazar was built. And today in its place a 15-meter limestone dome in Mangistau is exhibited. According to the restorer, construction materials and the idea of the project as a whole relate to the Mangistau style. During the restoration of the external unit, many work was done manually. The peculiarity of the method is that the construction equipment of our ancestors is used. This is a style called Mangistau. About 120 blocks, two supports and arches were used in the mausoleum. The modern mausoleum is twice as large and taller than before. The area of the complex is 68 square meters, height is 15 meters. Basement and staircase granite, on the facades decorative elements in the national style were used, fake elements of windows and doors were used. Near the mausoleum you can see maps of schools discovered by Altynsarin. Words from the President’s program are given in three languages. All this is placed on two granite stands, made in the style of the mausoleum. Another interesting fact: at the entrance to the territory of the mausoleum sounded the great Kazakh enlightener, a characteristic feature of the first teacher of his people. This idea is also not accidental. According to the author of the project, architect Sagyndyk Dzhambulatov, the call is a kind of symbol of knowledge and knowledge. By the way, the mausoleum continues its educational role on the path of Ybyray Altynsarin. Now, not only residents of the region, but also guests of the city will be able to visit the restored mausoleum, find out interesting information about Altynsarin, learn about open schools. Therefore, all Kazakhstanis have the opportunity to remember and honor the great enlightener.

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